zondag 7 oktober 2007

Hip Highness

Hello, I like to call myself Hip Highness. You might wonder why a green hippo wears a golden crown and has a golden wand. Well that’s because I’m a real princess, or at least that’s what I pretend to be. People might say I’m slightly arrogant (understatement), but that’s only because they do not know how hard the life of a princess is. I would call myself a little bossy, but that’s only because, princesses rule!

My maker, created me as a digital cut-out character. She always says that I'm not really a male or female, but just a green hippo pretending to be a princess. So no I’m not some kind of transvestite, or handicapped. Just a green hippo!

My maker prefers working with programs like, Adobe Photoshop/ Premiere/ After Effects but likes working with Maya too. The programs used, will depend on the technique of her opponent of course.

She told me to say to you, that what she enjoys most, is making up the story of the short animation. So that is a nice start of a future cooperation, don’t you think?

Well, I have to keep it short. Because it’s time to look at myself in the mirror. That’s what princesses do most of their time, you know.


Hip Highness

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