dinsdag 23 oktober 2007

The Story

(first part of the story, with futuristic background)
Kao, a human faced robot, mastered by a monkey-like creature (UC), works on a teleportation experiment, in his lab. Then Ed, a 9 eyed spider, appears. He is really interested in the robot. But he pushes, by accident, the eject button on the robot. Which launches the monkey-like creature and the spider, which is attached to it, by a string. The end up falling into the teleportation device. Which teleports them to another dimension.

(next part of the story, with different background)
Hip Highness is walking in the garden, maybe doing a little dance or something.
But she hears something from above her. Then UC and Ed fall on top of her.
Which really pisses her off! Ed and US try to escape, by running towards the screen. But Hip Highness throws her wand at them. But she hits the screen, which breaks and eventually gets black. (We could hear a little sorry, when it turns black.)

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